Wills Creek Winery Ride

I’ve been so busy going on about my rogue motorcycle camping journey I didn’t stop to smell the roses along the way, so to speak. The only thing better than riding your bike is having someone you love riding with you. Ironically, when I started riding more seriously again I intentionally bought a medium-sized cruiser because my focus was to roam the interstates of America alone. I had given up on women after having binge dated for 3 straight months, several different females, and they were all duds.

Either this one was chronically insecure, that one was too materialistic and shallow or this one was outrageously bi-polar and immature. Kayaking served only a temporary fix as you can only paddle so far before you reach the end of the lake or bay and you have to turn around. My plan was to devote all of my free time to riding and delving deep into the biker life. My plan was working well but in the back of my head I wanted to give dating one last shot. If this last effort didn’t work that’s the sign I need to turn my sights on moving back to West Palm Beach or maybe somewhere along the Gulf side of Florida.

Through process of elimination I found Jay or should I say we found each other. Our interaction was fluid with each date. Not an ounce of incompatibility and everything under the sun in common. Jay will admit that she was apprehensive at first because I wasn’t exactly the kind of guy she would normally be attracted to, which made our interaction all the more fantastic. Destiny came to fruition–Through all the years of her failed relationships she made a conscious effort to deviate from ‘her type’ the wealthy, tall, suit and tie-wearing, controlling type and give a guy like me a chance.

It was quite the opposite for me as I pictured a woman exactly like Jay as my ideal mate decades ago. Unfortunately, I ran into every kind of personality and body type imaginable but Jay. I seemed to always attract the melodramatic, bi-polar types that either tried to send me on a wild goose chase or I ended up frantically trying to escape the next female that I had the misfortune of ending up with.

I learned about the law of attraction and chakras from a co-worker in Key Largo over 20 years ago. The law of attraction being loosely defined as putting vibes out into the universe in hopes of receiving what you have sent out via a deliberate mindset. The trick is whatever you put out there you will get in return. In my case I developed a mental picture of the kind of woman I wanted in my life and put it out into the universe. 20 years, 30 women and a messy divorce later I’ve found my true love. Okay, so that didn’t work out exactly how I wanted but the magical thing was we both vibrated at the right time in our lives and attracted each other. If either one of us had been off by so much as a day, an hour, a second we would have passed each other like ships in a fog.

Our first date was amazing in that we ended up at three different events that spanned across Birmingham for the greater portion of the day. Normally anyone being total strangers that would have spent that much time together friction would have occurred at some point but we were enthralled from the very second we laid eyes on each other. The next date was a test more so for her than me. I made a gamble and decided to take her on my bike to Fort Payne taking country back roads all the way for a bite to eat at an artsy establishment called “The Spot.”

She absorbed every mile with grace and dignity. Even through the experience of a potentially fatal accident she shrugged it off and pressed on. The near accident was a situation where a poorly designed intersection, which I found out later was responsible for taking a woman’s life, featured the wrong traffic lights. Blinking yellow lights are supposed to mean proceed with caution while blinking red lights means stop or so I thought. However, that isn’t how the people of the area perceive the meaning of those lights. If not for my quick reaction time we would have been plowed over by an oncoming truck.

Nevertheless, we ventured on, had a wonderful time at The Spot, ventured even further up to Mentone and the rest is history. Fast forward a few months to our next adventure: Our ride to Wills Creek Winery in Attalla, Alabama. Incidentally, I rode right by their sign every time I took Hwy 11 up to Fort Payne for a quick weekend getaway. After the umpteenth time of passing the Wills Creek Winery sign I decided to explore and find out what Wills Creek Winery was all about. After a day of exploration I determined that this is definitely a splendid place to take Jay for brunch. I said all that to say this: Always make an effort to make memorable moments with the one you love. It’s not enough just to hit the local watering hole. Go out of your way from time to time to find a place that is special, unique. When you create moments like this the bond two people have created is intensified.

You don’t have to make every single date some wild, new adventure. Sometimes just a simple walk down the street to a nice restaurant or even a picnic in the park is all that’s required. The important thing is to create an environment where your lives are never monotonous and limited. Also never assume that one good adventure is enough. It may sound like work to some but it can’t be work if you enjoy what you’re doing especially if the reward is boundless.

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